Shaolin Hong Jia Quan – South-Chinese martial arts. The HONG JIA QUAN style, which we taught, is the traditional koncept of the teaching of the Southern Chinese kung fu. Our school is the bearer of the skill heritage of old masters and their traditions and thanks to available physical demands and multifunctional benefit they enable the training for a wider age spectrum of potencial applicants. The Shaolin Hong Jia Quan style is ranked among the worldwide known and popular styles of Chinese kung fu. This style was formed at the beginning of the Qing dynasty around the year 1644 in China. An original tiger style was applied as the base which was practiced in the Shaolin monastery supplemented afterwards by other techniques of the crane style and further by animals as snake, dragoun and panther.

  Training at Shaolin Hong Jia Quan school is performed in the spirit of trainings at master´s school of Lee Quan Fu in Taiwan, where active and individual teacher´s approach to learners is followed. There have especially become popular techniques imitating movements of already mentioned animals during the fight. These techniques are of the self-defence character and the trainee becomes fast, strong and resilient in hands and legs by their regular training. Blows and kicks including techniques of Stance are trained separately in the shadow forms called “ji ben gong“. Afterwards they are trained in the sets called “taolu“. As it has been already said every technique has its self-defence character and real usage of these techniques is the part of learner´s training in couples. After mastering of basic techniques learners learn more advanced shadow and appplication techniques of the fist fight. Training with weapons inseparably belongs to it. The general weapons in the style of Shaolin Hong Jia Quan are long rod, Dao sabre, Jian sword, lance, Da Dao halberd, butterfly swords and fan. There are also practised techniques of self-defence and fight with weapons at the same time as it is trained with fist forms. The part of training at school Shaolin Hong Jia Quan is also the practice of Sanda fight techniques, by which the learners improve their reflex for mastering of the real use of self-defence.

  The popularity of the style Shaolin Hong Jia Quan was also brought by film industry in Asia and USA in the second half of the 20th century. Hundreds of films of Honkong, Taiwan and Chinese production were offering the viewers the almost by legendary-adjusted destinies of historical characters - protagonists of Chinese kung fu. Viewers, mainly younger ones, affected by film processing of combat art, especially by fighting skills of actors , were seeking possibilities, how to learn fighting techniques and started to look for schools of Chinese kung fu. It is necessary to say that film processing of fighting disputes and shows has been built on the real background of fighting techniques, which actors must manage. Then these techniques are connected in the logic arrangement of to each other linking elements and mutual application techniques to a sparing fight, by which final amazing effect provides modern film effects. Actual training comes out from physical abilities of every individual, especially his approach to hard training, and to his talent as well. It is generally known that hard, strong-minded approach to training directs for an improvement of physical condition of exercisers and at the same time the learners also improve psychological resistance and self-confidence.

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