The school of Chinese kung fu Hong He Hong Jia Quan was founded in February of the year 2008 by Stanislav Fraibiš in Mělník. The school was founded on the base of entrusting of his master  Lee Quan Fu with an approval of the grandmaster  Zhan Ke Zhi, which Stanislav Fraibiš obtained for opening of his school a handing over of combat arts to other learners and following expansion of the traditional style of southern type of shaolin Hong Jia Quan. Master  Lee Quan Fu granted this entrusting Stanislav Fraibiš of them based on long-time gained experience and skills.

      Beginning of the teaching of the style Hong Jia Quan in Melnik was initiated in September of the year 2008, when a few tens of students formed a strong base either from adults, or children. The studens started and have been practising regular trainings with a great interest. The training is divided into three half-hour sections, i.e. Warm-up and stretching, repeating of already obtained techniques and teaching and repeating of new techniques, sets and applications. In the year 2009 learners from children´s groups participated in the National Junior League just after a short period of the school operation, where they achieved first degrees of success. The learners of the school continue with achieving of success at competitions either on winners´ podium, or on other highly-ranked positions between constantly improving competitors in the Czech Republic.

 The Hong He Hong Jia Quan school is the second largest school in the Czech Republic, which teaches the traditional style of south shaolin  Hong Jia Quan. As the first school there was established the school Hong Long Hong Jia Qaun in Prague in the year 2000, whose founders were  Daniel Král (now living in Taiwan), Vladimír Šanda, David Kříženecký and Stanislav Fraibiš. 

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